Shortening The Feedback Loop

Posted on December 10, 2008 @ 14:17 agile presentations

Thank you everyone who attended our presentation last night at the Calgary Agile Methodologies User Group. We had a tonne of fun, and hope that you took away some valuable information.

CAMUG eComplianceCAMUG eCompliance   CAMUG eCompliance

We are pleased to have Adam Alinauskas, Joel Briggs, Luu Duong and Mo Khan from eCompliance Management Solutions speaking to us this month with their presentation "Shortening the Feedback Loop - Our Sprint in a Nutshell"

Under the Agile software development umbrella there are many principals, processes, methodologies, and practices that fit this style of development. Many companies are relentlessly seeking and implementing ways to continually improve how they design, develop and deliver software. We believe and have found in practice that the Agile way of software development enables, supports and drives this continuous quest for efficiency and improvement. One of the primary goals of Agile software development is to satisfy customer needs through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We find that most of the business value comes from creating an environment where a shorter feedback loop allows our team to be more proactive and adapt quickly as and when necessary. In this presentation we will share and walk you through a typical sprint/iteration at eCompliance.

About eCompliance Management Solutions Inc. is the leading provider of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Management solutions in Canada. Our vision is "To be the preferred technology partner of Canadian organizations in OHS by providing efficient and effective practical solutions to measure, manage and mitigate Health & Safety Risks in the quest for 'Zero Incidents'."