8 May 2007

So what's the big red fez

by mo

The Big Red Fez… the big red fez

The Big Red Fez: How To Make Any Web Site Better

by Seth Godin

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So I borrowed this book and it took me about an hour to read. The book is called The Big Red Fez: How to make any website better

It was a great read, very straight to the point and made a lot of sense… There were a lot of interesting points, the jist of it (as i understood it) was that engineers suck! Well maybe that wasn’t the point but he really didn’t seem to like engineers.

He basically said that building a web site is a lot like leading a monkey. If you want the monkey to follow you, you have to dangle a banana in front of him. If you don’t give him a reason to follow you, he wont! If you confuse him or make it to difficult to get to the banana, he will give up.

The monkey translates to the average person who browses the web. The banana is a what is used to lead the user to follow you.. this doesn’t mean flashy, sparkly stuff. The example he gave was the Amazon site…. If I go to the Amazon site right now… They want me to buy a gift for mothers day… pretty good banana!

Other items in the book that I thought was important was to have better ways of dealing with errors. Having a search yield 0 results, doesn’t help anyone. If you go to a shoe store and ask them for something they don’t have, does the salesperson say “Sorry your search yielded no results!”. Rather the salesperson is probably going to try to find you something similar to try to get you buy in to… another banana!

Lot’s of good stuff in this book. If you have an hour to read, it’s worth it. It would probably take me longer to sum up the book then to actually read it!