25 September 2007

Wintellect's Power Collections Library

by mo

Are you bored of the standard collections available in the .NET Framework? Are you looking to get more out of your collections? Well…. Ok enough of the info-mercial, so I came across the Wintellect’s Power Collections Library and wanted to share. This library offers a bunch of different data structures that are not available in an out of the box .NET Framework install. It’s got collections like:

  • Deque
  • MultiDictionary
  • Bag
  • OrderedBag
  • OrderedDictionary
  • Set
  • OrderedSet
  • OrderedMultiDictionary

The library is now up on codeplex and the source is all available. Take a look… i just started digging, and I’ve got some ideas for my own home brewed collection.