The Spotlight Theory

Posted on October 04, 2007 @ 12:23 journal

When I was 16, and in grade 12 I spent a lot of time sitting on a picnic bench at night staring at the sky thinking… One of the thoughts that came to me was the spotlight theory, and I’d like to share that with you…

In the darkness, when light shines it attracts bugs. When standing in the light, the moths and flies fly to you. Blinded by the light you can only see the bugs. When that light shatters, you’re left alone in the darkness as the swarm of bugs move on to the next light.

During moments of your life you will feel as though you are under the spotlight of attention, don’t allow yourself to be consumed by the light and the people that come to you at this time. Because many of them will ultimately leave you when your time in the limelight is up. Putting people who care about you most aside, before the light, to put people who will be temporarily in your life is not a good strategy. I have found that some of the people that come with the light, can leave a negative impact on your life. Be critical of those who come to you when things are good, but be thankful to those who come to you when times are tough.