Set Short Term Goals

Posted on October 30, 2007 @ 12:47 journal

So at work last week, our leader asked us to come up with a set of goals, and incentives to meet those goals. Here is a list of goals that I came up with to help push our team to the next level. Hopefully this might help yours…

My first suggestion for a team goal, is to become more active readers. This may not mean directly reading a book a week, but could be something as simple as reading a blog entry focused on software development/management to elicit conversation and thinking. Then sharing that knowledge with one another.

My second suggestion for a team goal, is to become active presenters. I think challenging one another to spike a topic and share it with the rest of the group will not only broaden our exposure to what’s out there, but will also make us better coaches. This does not have be focused simple on code, but could be on any topic that might help shape us to become better leaders in our industry.

My third suggestion for a team goal, is to sharpen our swords. (This is a concept I’m borrowing from JP on building a solid core) There are exercises known as Code Kata, that we can use to “practice” our craft of software development. If we give ourselves a weekly Kata assignment to complete and share our solutions with one another to see how each one of us solves the problem, this will help us to develop our skills as well to identify our own strengths and weaknesses.

My last suggestion is open ended. I would very much like to improve my focus, but I am just not sure how to go about doing that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!