To Many Fast Kids

Posted on May 08, 2008 @ 23:57 journal

Wow... I don't know what it is, but right after the ALT. NET conference I was pretty pumped up and excited, but these days I'm feeling a little low. It's amazing how many young, talented people there are out in the industry. It's more amazing to see how fast people are moving and growing.

The guys on my team, and I, try hard to stay up on what's new... and what the cool kids are doing. But these days' it's just making me dizzy... we've got the Eleutian Guys slingin' code like crazy. This PolyGlot programming thing has got me feeling like I need to go add more languages to my vocab. I'm getting sick of checking my gmail, because each time i do it looks like the ALT.NET mailing list has just puked all over my monitor.

There's new frameworks flying out like ASP.NET MVC, Moq, Prism, Silverlight, WPF... then debates about how to write tests, what's bdd, is the auto mocking container a smell. Then there's the hype around ruby and rails, and the comparisons between dynamic and statically typed languages.

It's got me a little dizzy, but now that I think about... it's kind of cool how fast the industry seems to be evolving!