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Posted on March 06, 2013 journal

This is week 7 for me at uppercut. Wow!

It has been an interesting adventure so far and we are getting very close to launching It’s fun working with talented designers, copy, marketing and business people. It helps to be almost arms length away from the person who can usually answer your question.

It’s interesting to hear the stories of how Anagram came to be. The stories about previous successes/failures are just as rewarding as being part of something new and exciting. We all have an opportunity to create, and it’s up to use to self organize and do good things.


Ideas are celebrated because they are a necessity. In many cases frugality is the mother of innovation. I have seen a couple of great examples of collaboration so far such as 2bit and mythic mountain. Before joining I got to help a little bit on dont be so modest.

It’s cool to be so close to the creative process and to be able to pitch ideas that could get executed.


We have interesting events happening in our space like the startup weekend, and yyc.js meetups. If you’re looking for focused, eager to succeed risk takers then this is the place. The co-working space is full of people who are working to launch their ideas. The building is oozing of talent and motivated people.

There is a diverse group of people, which makes for fun conversations and an environment of acceptance.


Every other week a few of us have been getting together for drinks after work. We even went for a movie once. Weird!?

Also, every week two people present their 10x10. This is an opportunity to answer 10 questions about themselves and share it with the company. It helps us level up our presentation skills. Some of us need more practice than others (ahem me).

We have a standup everyday at 9:15 where oddly enough, we stand up. This includes the PM, devs, creatives, copy, and businessy peoples. It gives us a chance to get our day rolling and to remove any obstacles in our path.

Potlucks are a thing here. Since joining we have had two potlucks. Yum!


We use tools that make it easy for us to work from anywhere. Email and calendar is done through google apps for business. Collaboration is done through basecamp. Iteration planning and the backlog is maintained in Trello. Our Continuous Integration server is jenkins hosted on an ec2 instance. We deploy to heroku, often. We have a couple of remote workers that connect to meetings via Google Hangouts. We use our own preferred IM clients. I have been using Adium, but also trying to get mcabber working. Github for source control. We use our preferred editor of choice. We choose when we want to work from home and act responsibly.


My second week here, I created sub domain and pointed it to a squarespace blog. No one asked me too but it needed to get done, so it got done. The important thing was that I could do it. I had access too. We trust each other. Sometimes things go wrong and we help each other.

Our workspace is organized in such a way that encourages communication, but is respectful of the need for quiet time. I believe the culture as well as the physical accomodation makes this allowable. We respect “in the zone” time.

We eat lunch together. There are several different groups and projects operating in the same space. This creates an opportunity to chat with folks working on [other](( things and cross-polinate organically while eating your tuna sandwich.

Being in Kensington presents interesting lunch options. My favorite joint at the moment is Kol3. Try the cheese burger crepe. It’s totally awe-sommmmme!


It’s ok, it happens. Learn from it!


Build, measure, learn. Red, green, refactor.