Still Buzzing

Posted on November 13, 2007 @ 14:11 journal school

I’m still buzzing from the Nothin But .NET boot camp last week. My dreams last night can prove that I am. I’m not sure how many times I woke up in the night trying to recite the many different patterns we covered last week. I’m so looking forward to reviewing the countless hours of video from the week.

I think one of the aspects that made the week so enjoyable was the people. I’ve been to a couple of week long courses before where you show up at 9am and leave at 5pm. You don’t feel like you really got to know anyone and you don’t feel like like you’ve gained a lot from the experience. Besides touring a new city of course.

Because of the atmosphere that was put in the place it felt like we were all on a level playing field. It felt like we forgot about our fears of looking good or bad to our peers. It felt like a culture for learning. We all quickly shed our thick skins to really open ourselves up and be vulnerable, I think this made the week long event so much more fulfilling. I feel like I really got to know some really kind people, and hopefully some relationship from the event will blossom and continue to grow. I think I went into the event wanting to be the weakest link, so that I could grow to become the strongest one. In the end I don’t really remember caring about which link in the chain I actually was.

So today is the first day back in the real world. Today is the day that I decide to either start practicing the gospel from last week, or I go back to the way things were. Today is a pivotal day!

When I reflect on this year, I think back to January when I remember feeling like I had no options. I felt like I had no idea what direction to take my career and where I would end up. I felt like I had few options. After less than a year of dedicated hard work, and extreme focus I feel like I’m starting to develop a few new options that seem to be gateways to long lasting career paths. I’m looking forward to reflecting 5 years from now after 5 solid years of dedicated hard work and extreme focus. I can only imagine good things.