5 October 2010


by mo

jekyll - static site generation

on windows

  • install ruby 1.8.7 installer
  • install ruby devkit 3.4.5
  • unzip devkit into ruby install (c:\ruby)
  • gem install jekyll
  • gem install rdiscount

jekyll configuration

  • the site structure is pretty self explanatory. more info
  • create a _config.yml in the root dir and add ‘markdown: rdiscount’ so that you don’t have to type ‘jekyll –rdiscount’

To load the local mysql database i went and created a backup by logging in to the godaddy.com dashboard and created a backup. then i ftp’d the backup to my local machine.


  • $ mysql> create database wp; – link
  • $ mysql> use wp;
  • $ mysql> source d:\tmp\wp_backup.sql – link

importing the old posts

  • ps > $env:EDITOR = ‘gvim -f’
  • gem open jekyll
  • copy the wordpress.rb and csv.rb to your sites _import directory.
  • gem install sequel mysqlplus
  • gem install sequel
  • gem install mysql
  • from the _import directory
    • $ ruby -r ‘wordpress’ -e “Jekyll::WordPress.process( ‘wp’, ‘root’, ‘password’)”
    • wp is the name of the database i created in mysql.
    • root is th username
    • password was the password.

the original import didn’t include lots of details from wordpress like categories, time and comments. so i found another way to import those details from this post.

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