Rebuild Your Database With nAnt

Posted on May 22, 2007 @ 19:10 tools

Re-building your database using nAnt!

Source Code:

Have you ever peeked into the SQL Server tools folder. I found a couple of interesting tools in there.

Both of these useful executables allow you to connect to a SQL Server. So using either of these executables and the power of nAnt, I can re-build a database from scratch.

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <project name="University" default="all">
      <!-- environment-specific properties -->
      <property name="sqlcmd.exe" value="C:\program files\microsoft sql server\90\Tools\Binn\sqlcmd.exe" />
      <property name="sqlcmd.ConnectionString" value="-E" /><!-- Windows Authentication -->            
      <property name="initial.catalog" value="University"/>
      <property name="initial.server" value="(local)" />
      <property name="database.path" value="C:\nant\databases" />    

      <target name="convert.template">
          <echo message="Convert the SQL file template to one with the actual database name." />
          <copy file="${target}.template" tofile="${target}" overwrite="true">
                      <token key="INITIAL_CATALOG" value="${initial.catalog}" />
                      <token key="DBPATH" value="${database.path}"/>
      <target name="exec.sql.template">
          <call target="convert.template" />
          <echo message="Connecting to database server..." />
          <echo message="${sqlcmd.exe} ${sqlcmd.ConnectionString} -b -i ${target}" />
          <exec program="${sqlcmd.exe}" commandline="${sqlcmd.ConnectionString} -S ${initial.server} -b -i ${target}" />
      <target name="builddb">
          <copy todir="${database.path}">
              <fileset basedir="sql\original">
                  <include name="*"/>
          <property name="target" value="sql\attach.sql"/>
          <call target="exec.sql.template"/>


In order to create the database you will have to update the properties in the build file to settings specific to your machine, then open a command window to the directory containing the build file and type “build builddb” then press enter.